We Can Use CSS3 Now

If you go to any blog post on the CSS 3, you will find it is flooded with comments by web designer and developers who feel they still cannot use CSS 3 on their website. As per their opinion, why we cannot use CSS 3 include; the specification not being finalized or that some elements of CSS 3 are either poorly supported on browsers or not supported at all. It is true but it’s not an excuse to not use CSS 3.

In the case of CSS 3 we have enough browser support in a number of properties to start using them to enhance our websites we produce. Our primary objective is to enhance a design. Any CSS 3 property you are using in your website should be done in such a way that it should not break its appearance and purpose in older browsers.

If you can accept the simple truth that a website doesn’t need to look the same in all browsers then you will see that CSS 3 can be used in your browser without negatively affecting the user experience of those using older browsers.

So I think that those want to use CSS 3 but those who not aware this truth let’s start using CSS 3.

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